Powered Air Purifying Respirator:

Industrial strength component protection with a consumer price

Clean protective Dupont TyChem    hood and mantle,

Fan powered with HEPA 99.97% filtered air.


Air Power Inc.

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Air Pure 


Introducing Air Pure, the new reusable air purification & anti-pollution solution with the most powerful protection components on the consumer market.

Air Pure is equipped with a both a powered 99.97% HEPA intake filter and complete head covering, using novel patent pending technology. Air Pure offers freedom to go out with more confidence.


Unlike any other consumer alternatives, it's a convenient, comfortable, answer to air quality questions. The first details are unveiled below, and more details and features will be revealed to those who sign up. Get a jump on the public by signing up now.

99.97% HEPA Efficiency

A NASA study showed that HEPA filters not only capture 99.97% of particles at worst case of 0.3 microns, they do even better in general at smaller virus scale: ~0.125 microns.


NASA Report

Take note that no specific evidence is currently known to demonstrate that air purifiers or specific materials can prevent transmission of the novel COVID-19 virus, which is too new at this point. While this NASA report indicates that HEPA filters trap particles in the same size range, and TyChem tests demonstrate the material blocks numerous fluid and particulate contaminants, there is an absence of specific testing or conclusive well conducted clinical trials for SARS-CoV2. Don't be misled by anyone else making any such claims.

TyChem Hood and Mantle, ASTM Tested

Industrial strength fabric that is used in the most demanding applications. Lightweight, comfortable, also protects against liquid (eg. droplet) penetration.

Exhaust Air Filtered to 95% efficiency

The passive exhaust port filters have tested up to 95% efficiency, to provide protection for everyone else from primary exhaust, although it is possible for some air to seep out under the mantle through clothing as well. The access ports also provide a fail safe in case of power/intake stoppage, though the system is not designed for use without power. Without the fan operating and intake air flow, you should remove the hood as soon as possible, and it will become uncomfortably warm.

Understanding the Range of particle sizes

Particle filters operate across wide scales. To give a sense of the different sizes, an augmented EPA illustration shows how these particle sizes compare. 



The exhaust ports can be switched out for modular access ports, including convenient enclosed straw holes, and semi-sealed slit hand inserts. The positive pressure generated from the fan generally prevents outside air from intruding, given the powerful 16 CFM rated fan, but take extra caution when using access ports in order to maintain positive pressure at all times, including not tugging on the hood or heightened inhalation. Locating to a safe environment while using access ports is prescribed.

Air Pure comes equipped with a high performance LI-Ion battery that lasts 6 hours or more on a charge. It may be charged while in use, and is able to be switched, if there is a second charged battery available, (available as a purchase add on). Rapid wall charger is included.

Air Pure at a Glance

Clean Air

Powered Air Purifying Respirator, active protection


Hood, Face Shield and Mantle, so much more than a simple face mask.

Intake Fan


16 CFM rated, for Easier Breathing

HEPA Filter

99.97% Particle

Intake Filtering

Shields Up




Comfort  + Convenience

Clear Talking

Clear Listening

Beard Friendly

Glasses Friendly


1/3 price of industrial PAPR

6+ Hours use per charge



Air Pure

Enjoy going out with confidence that air you breathe is cleaner. Anywhere you want to go.

Air Pure is the first ever powered air purifying respiration protection designed for the consumer with patent pending modular comfort and convenience built in. You can drink without removing the suit, scratch a facial itch, eat finger food, while positive air pressure helps keeps unwanted particles out. 

Unlike other options, Air Pure shows your face and smile, doesn't cause your face to itch, has no need for special fitting, and blends in with your normal clothing. You can accessorize with scarves or a hoodie. It is fan powered for refreshing ease of breathing and staying cool,It's comfortable and roomy, as well as beard, glasses and hairdo friendly.

   This innovation is an affordable, light weight, mobile upgrade from face masks and provides more confidence for going out to normal day to day activities. Be advised that anyone with a medical condition should consult with their doctor before using, and the system as a whole is not yet certified or approved for medical or industrial hazard use, even though individual components may be. Air Pure is not a medical device for use in a health care setting. It is designed as a substitute and manifest upgrade from a face mask for use in ordinary circumstances. It is not for use in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health.

Patent Pending

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